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Music during religious celebrations nowadays

I really feel upset about how religious music has been changed since some years ago. When I was young and I went to church on Sunday, I really loved to listen to nice religious songs, they were simple but nice. Nowadays, something has been changed and to let young people to come close to the Church, religious celebrations have not  organ and Parrish choirs anymore but scout ore young guys makeshift choirs, with guitar and playing and singing silly pop songs, ok, with sacred text but in pop style. These songs are terrible, a musical disaster, and the performance are really bad too. I appreciate just the willingness of those guys, nothing else. It is good guys want to partecipate as they can, but I think they should decide to take some lessons of music and don't just sing as they can. Sacred music has got a long history and a great tradition, also in performances. A music well performed is great for our soul. I am not a professionist of music, of course, but I have studied many yea

Christmas concert

I am playing with trombone quartet at this concert

Hymn to the Fallen, a celebration of all people died during the First World War

To celebrate the anniversary of the end of First World War and to satisfy my desire to play in a concert with wind band and choirs, I wanted to try to organize something of interesting and to involve also some musicians from Austrian. It was a symbolic collaboration: during the war Italians and Austrians killed each others, now they paly and sing together. I understand this project was really ambitious, if we think that economic resourses for amateurs associations are not very much, especially here in Italy. After about 6 months and had asked to a lot of Austrian choirs, finally this choir accepted: Under construction
Chamber music In my job I am so lucky because I can listen to music while I am working. I am a big fan of orchestral music. But sometimes I need to relax my hears from big sound masses you can find, just some example, in Bruckner's symphonies but also in Beethoven, Berlioz, and so on. I am discovering the beautiful piano music written by Sibelius. Here you can find 6 impromptu Sibelius - 6 impromptu And here the marvellous piano sonata op. 12 Sibelius - piano sonata op12 I really love the central slow movement!

2016: Concerto Corale San Marco

Welcome to all musicians who love Music  do something else as job in their life. Welcome also to all visitors of this blog. The purpose of this blog is to share my experience as not professional trombonist and my thoughts about Music. In my job I realize drawings of electrical circuits for industrial machines, so it is not strictly real connected with Music, but, I admit, my real passion is Music. You could ask to me why I work in the electrical field instead with music, well, my answer is that music was not considered areal job when I was Young, so my studies went to other fields. I am not really happy about that, but not it is a little bit late to change and to come back to the past. But in someway I can enjoy very much som moments when I am so lucky to realize some little projects with music. So, I would like to share with you my feelings about that and I really would like to meet some friends here with my same interests, to discuss about our musical activities. This blog is